wedding cakes, London

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know what sort of wedding cake I want. Can you help?

Absolutely! Because I design each and every cake from scratch, there’s no pressure to choose something from a portfolio or come to a consultation knowing exactly what you want. You might have a few thoughts, a definite idea or just not know where to start but wherever you are, we’ll work together to create something special for you and you alone. The first thing to do however is get in touch for a chat!


I’ve found a photo of a cake that I like. Will you copy it for me?

I’m afraid not. You see, I’m all about individual design and out of principle; I won’t copy anyone else’s work. However, we can certainly look through images of cakes that you like and use them as a starting point to design something fantastic that will never have been seen before.


Can I taste the cakes?

I positively encourage tasting and wouldn’t let you say a firm ‘yes’ to a design without testing the cake itself because as well as looking great, my cakes are fantastic to eat too! Once we’ve talked and got a design in mind, it’s time to taste. I can either bring samples with me when we meet to finalise the design details or I can arrange for them to be couriered to you at any UK address that suits you. This is a great, flexible option if you’re not based in London or you’ve got busy schedules.


Will I be able to have different flavours?

Of course! One of the great benefits of having a multi-tiered cake is that you can have as many flavours as you have layers which is perfect if you’d like a variety of tastes to offer your guests. There’s no need to have fruitcake if you’re not a fan and I’ll happily talk you through all of the options when we meet.


How much is a wedding cake?

I’m afraid I can’t give you an exact figure here because I quote individually for each cake when I know how many guests you need to serve, the portion sizes required, the number of tiers, the complexity of the design and also the location of your venue. As a guide, a 3-tier cake will typically start at £750 and although you’ll receive a final quote once I’ve designed your cake, I can give you an earlier estimation if I know what sort of style you’d like so just let me know.


I’ve heard that fake tiers make a cake cheaper. Can I have a 5-tier cake for the piece of a 3-tier design if 2 layers are fake?

I’m afraid you might have received some unreliable information here! The real cost in a wedding cake is the time that goes into the decoration. Even before I start making and decorating your cake, there will have been days spent designing and planning and then there’s the huge amount of work that it takes to execute your design. This is why each cake is priced individually and although fake tiers might not reduce the cost, they are great at adding stability or height for additional wow factor


Do you only make wedding cakes?

No, I don’t. I’ll consider commissions for celebration cakes if my schedule allows but if you’re looking for a novelty or sculpted cake then I’m probably not the right person for you! I also make the prettiest iced biscuits and smaller confections that make wonderful favours or sweet treats to complement your wedding cake.


Will you deliver my wedding cake yourself?

Delivery and set-up is always part of my service and this commitment is one of the reasons why I take a limited number of commissions every year – so I can be there on your wedding day! Your cake is prepared and finished in a professional catering kitchen in East Dulwich, London and then, after it’s been suitably protected for its journey, we make our way to your venue where it will be set-up just as we’ve discussed. Iced biscuits are less fragile and these can be posted nationwide, again once they’ve been carefully packaged.