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Ceri Olofson teaching a class

Sharing ideas and techniques with like-minded people is another undoubted highlight as it allows me to pass on cake making inspiration as well as more tangible tips and tricks. I love being invited to talk, demonstrate or teach and I'm always happy to travel, so wherever you are, do get in touch.

I can promise you that, as I'm completely self-taught, my teaching is always friendly, practical, accessible and tailored to the group I'm working with. I don't presuppose knowledge or insist that everyone comes with a large toolkit. Instead, wherever possible I'll use equipment and ingredients that are widely available so the experience can continue long after the event has ended.

My style of teaching is all about the individual and I don't encourage slavish adherence to prescribed methods but prefer to give those attending the confidence to bring out their own creative style. Whether you'd like to enjoy a demonstration and tasting, a basic skills session or a sugarcraft masterclass, I'd be delighted to design a programme to fit your requirements.

Teaching, to me, is simply another form of creativity and helping to others to develop a passion is immensely rewarding. Cookery schools, sugarcraft schools, private lessons and parties, in the UK or overseas, I would be thrilled to discuss opportunities in more detail so feel free to contact me. You might also like to take a look at my blog for tutorials and also details of events I currently have scheduled.

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